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Madeleine Foundation for Education offers several ways to donate:

Regular and one-time contributions


Gifts in kind

.                           Corporate sponsorship

How / what can I give to Madeleine Foundation for Education ?

How can I give to Madeleine Foundation for Education?

Giving to Madeleine Foundation for Education is simple. Schedule a pickup or bring your donations to The Madeleine Foundation for Education headquarter or station in Ivory Coast and Haiti.

What is my donation worth?

Your donation provides support for the implementation of Madeleine Foundation for Education’s various programs.

Your donation expands our efforts to increase access to education, information and reading for the most vulnerable populations in Haiti, Benin and Ivory Coast.

What different types of donations does Madeleine Foundation for Education offer?

How can I make a regular donation?
You can make a spontaneous, monthly or annual donation on our official website. With your donation, you commit yourself in the long term alongside MFE and you allow us to have more visibility and budgetary stability to pursue our mission in Ivory Coast and Haiti.

How will I be informed of your actions?
We regularly inform our donors of MFE’s activities through a newsletter sent out by email. You can at any moment choose not to receive this newsletter by telling us so through the “Unsubscribe” link. More personalized and detailed information is offered to our most loyal donors.

Your gift today can help.

Reduce poverty through life skills learning and professional development for kids, youth and women beyond school