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Cou d crayon is an Ivorian NGO working for children and young people in difficult situations in Côte d’Ivoire. The main targets are children, young people, Orphans and Vulnerable Children Orphans (O.E.V.), child victims of Labor-Treatment-Exploitation, children in prison, autistic and mentally disabled children, and minors in conflict with the law. Their activities are essentially based on an edutainment approach, allowing a greater number of children and adolescents to learn and be educated through play and entertainment. Their aim is to

1 -To popularize children’s rights,

2- To train children in the arts and Information Technology, the arts and crafts, the environment and the environment.


3- Taking care of children with psychological and educational difficulties

4-Fighting boredom at school,

5-Fighting idleness among children and young people, and Encouraging reading

Reduce poverty through life skills learning and professional development for kids, youth and women beyond school

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