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Madeleine Foundation for Education Inc (MFE) is a nonprofit charitable and educational organization. The Foundation was incorporated on June 14th, 2019, in the states of North Carolina, USA. The activities is to describe as follow: Reduce poverty, enhance the quality of life through continuous life skill learning and professional development for kids, youth, and women, beyond school. We will open libraries, offer professional development and life skill training.

MFE is exempt from Federal Income Tax Under Internal Revenue Code (IRS) section 501(c) (3) since December 05th, 2019. Donors can deduct contribution they make to MFE under IRS section 170.

Principal office:

5012 Hutchins St, Winston Salem NC 27106 (USA)

Our story

Madeleine NGUESSAN with her son Jean Hervé

The story of Ms. Madeleine Nguessan (1936 – 1998) has inspired the creation of the foundation. Ms. Madeleine was a school teacher who asked to specially appointed to teach life skills, and others life experience that the regular school system will not provide. She started teaching sewing, cooking, sexual education, financial management at school for girls and boys. It was a visionary move at that time in the 1970s in Ivory Coast, West Africa. Her youngest son, Dr. Jean Nguessan (With her on this picture of 1974), has decided to continue her forgotten legacy because the school does not always provide the skill people use in their daily life. He was inspired by what he saw and learned from her.  MFE will promote life skills and education for women and youth in underserved communities and developing countries. It will provide non-academic training, professional expertise, and life skill for cultural integration and workforce participation.

Reduce poverty through life skills learning and professional development for kids, youth and women beyond school